Elevation Climbing Company is a climber-owned company producing, high quality macros for route setters who take pride in their craft. We design our shapes with the mission to inspire, giving setters the ability to create without limits.

We believe in providing a better product. Texture that will not peal or chip, attachment points to withstand daily use, and designed by experienced shapers. We source only the highest quality materials, and hand craft them at our facility in Tempe, AZ. Every single product is personally inspected before getting packaged, insuring that you receive only the best products available.


These are not your home walls Macros. These are commercial grade, constructed from high end composites, and built to last.



Mark Bradley first picked up a T handle at the age of 17 (he still believes all setters should have to spend a year using one), and has been part of the climbing community ever since.  After a few years holding the coveted title of  “trade for membership”  setter,  he began his own climbing gym with 2 locations,  and went on to build 4 hold brands,  most notably Kingdom Climbing.


Ryan Wurm is a mad scientist by nature.  After studying mechanical engineering at ASU, he chose to pursue his passion in climbing.  He owns Thrive Climbing, one of the longest running hold companies still on the market, and Tack Composites specializing in fiberglass.  His industry leading innovations at Tack are what have inspired him to create a better brand of macros.

With a combined 30 years experience in the industry, Mark and Ryan have teamed up to bring you a premium brand of macros.