Motivators Full Series

Includes Sets 1 & 2

Motivators Rock Climbing Holds

The Motivators are a series of 10 huecos designed with purpose. Each hold tapers from a high to low point and is designed with a graduating gripping surface. This allows a setter to easily adjust the difficulty and makes it tough for a climber to use the hueco in an unintended manner.

Motivators – Shapers Notes

“I spent weeks in my shed, shaping different ideas and making all kinds of prototypes for the Motivators. Although, the idea of creating a set of huecos was on all of our minds, we were worried that the process of pouring and molding them could prove to be difficult. Fortunately, we decided to move forward with this series of huecos, and I think they ended up being my favorite series that I shaped for Elevation. My goals for this series were: clean, simple, and directional functionality. At first glance, it’s obvious that these holds are clean and simple. They are smooth, have a large grip radius, and visually, they just pop. Next, I also chose to design each hold with a very specific directionality to them – they all have a more positive and a less positive side, making it easy for route setters to adjust the difficulty of their routes by simply rotating them.“

— Joey Jannsen