Joey Jannsen

Joey has been route setting for over 15 years. In that time he has set for nationals, organized countless competitions, and been the head route setter for Bend Rock Gym. Oh yeah, he was also named 2020 route setter of the year by USA Climbing. Its fair to say, he knows his way around climbing holds.

In 2014 he began using that knowledge to create new and innovative climbing holds for well known brands like Metolius, Thrive and Capital to name a few. Over the years, Joey has learned to blend his expression of art and function into high quality climbing shapes that look as good as they climb. He stays motivated by the hope of inspiring other setters thru his designs. 

Ryan Wurm

Ryan began shaping in 2010 for his own company, Thrive Climbing. Over the past 10 years he has shaped and molded 100’s of designs. Some say his shapes have been copied more times than Wiley the Coyote has died.  Being both the shaper and manufacturer gives him a keen insight on how a shape will translate from foam into plastic. This ability leads to some of the most comfortable ergonomic shapes on the planet.

Ty Foose

Refered to as the God Father of shaping, Ty Foose has thrown away better designs than most shapers can dream up.  In an era before CNC machines and 3D printing he was executing insanely precise designs. You may have heard of the bubble wrap series, yea that was this guy.  But before all the fame, he was just another route setter, fed up with holds that could not live up to his creative needs as a setter.  It was this frustration that led to some of the most iconic holds in the industry. Now nearly 30 years later, the God Father is again seeking to revolutionize the industry with his shapes.

Mark Bradley

Born and raised in So Cal. Mark first started carving foam in 2004. His first shapes were conceived out of foam from a flower shop, molded with Home Depot caulking, then poured using playground sand and surfboard resin. You laugh, but it still has texture that will rip your calluses off. In 2008 he enlisted the help of Louie Anderson and began his first hold company. Since then he has gone on to own 5 hold brands and brought you some of your favorite shapes of all time such as the Dragon Balls.