Advanced Macro Technology

Poly-Fiber advanced macro technology was developed to bridge the gap between traditional macros and climbing holds. Aimed specifically to withstand the rugged conditions of a commercial climbing gym, these macros are built out of stronger materials with a more skin friendly texture. From hold rooms to setters buckets, getting dropped after stripping and thrown to the concrete for pressure washing – its not an easy life for grips. We created an extremely durable macro that can stand up to these conditions without getting damaged.

Our process fuses a poly-urethane coating to an epoxy fiberglass shell, forming a high impact resistant bond. No more chipping or flaking of overly aggressive texture. That texture may be great for high end competitions, but what about the day to day of a commercial climbing facility? The urethane texture will not only save the skin of your customers and employees but also allows your macros to be perfectly color matched to the rest of the holds in your facility.